Values, Vision and Mission

[Professional Growth Plan ~ Domain 1: Moral Stewardship, Standard 1]

Domain 1: Moral Stewardship

The Moral Stewardship domain focuses on the principal’s and vice principal’s role in setting and sustaining a sense of moral purpose or direction within schools.

Belief Statement:
Principals and vice principals ensure that there is a clear and consistent alignment between moral purpose of education and the school’s values, vision, mission and goals.

Standard 1 ~ Values, Vision and Mission:

Principals and vice principals guide the development and implementation of shared values, vision, mission and goals to support each student’s engagement, learning and development.
• Developing Shared Values and Shared Vision
• Developing a School Plan

Evidence to support my development in meeting this standard:

  • I’ll start by sharing my Statement of Educational Philosophy.
  • In my Open Educator Manifesto, I state that “I am Open, Transparent, Collaborative, and Social”. I believe that sharing my evidence here exemplifies this. I have been openly sharing my vision for education on my blog since March 2006, and my values around openness, educational practice, and vision for the future have been a large part of what I share.
  • I was instrumental in the development of the Inquiry Hub school, working first with Stephen Whiffin who proposed the school, and now with the current staff, students and parents at the school.
  • I’ve started a community blog at the Inquiry Hub (the Hub Blog), which I hope will become a community sharing resource where teachers, students and parents can share their learning and their vision for the school.
  • I wrote in my post Great Expectations: “I believe that if we enter our schools as active, engaged learners, then we can have great expectations, and we can create an environment where we meet those expectations too!”
  • My School 2.0 Participant’s Manifesto is a creative way that I have tried to express the importance of student engagement being something that we support and that we hold students accountable for in public education.
  • In The future of education will be open and distributed I share my vision of trends which I believe will influence the future of education, with a focus on blended learning as a way of the future. (This was written before the Inquiry Hub was conceived.)
  • In Transformative or just flashy educational tools? I laid the foundation for what would become 7 Key aspects at the Inquiry Hub. Note that the blog post only has 6 of the aspects, the 7th, ‘Play’, came from educational leader David Warlick in a comment on the post.
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