[Professional Growth Plan ~ Domain 4: Administration and Management,
Standard 7 Management]

Domain 4: Administration and Management

The Administration and Management domain emphasizes the principal’s and vice principal’s role in strategically planning and managing systems.

Belief Statement:
Effective and efficient management practices must underpin quality leadership. Leadership and management are co-existent, mutually supportive and interdependent.

Standard 7: Management

Principals and vice principals strategically plan and manage to strengthen the school’s capacity to support student engagement, learning and
• Systems Thinking and Planning
• Legal and Contractual Mandates
• Human Resources
• Health, Safety and Security
• School Organization
• School Finances and Budget Planning
• Learning Resources Management
• Time Management
• School Operations and Facilities
• Data Collection and Management
• Emerging Technologies
• Special Education/ESL/Aboriginal Resources

Evidence to support my development in meeting this standard:

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