Learning Culture and Community

[Professional Growth Plan ~ Domain 3: Organizational Capacity,
Standard 5 Learning Culture and Community]

Domain 3: Organizational Capacity

The Organizational Capacity domain focuses on the principal’s and vice principal’s role in strengthening the culture, and building organizational learning and collaborative processes.

Belief Statement:
Principals and vice principals play an integral role in maximizing organizational capacity to support student and adult engagement, learning and development.

Standard 5: Learning Culture and Community

Principals and vice principals develop and sustain a learning culture and climate linked to student and adult engagement, learning and
• Developing a Safe, Orderly, Caring and Healthy School
• School Codes of Conduct and School Safety
• Valuing and Supporting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
• Developing and Enhancing a Collaborative Professional Learning Community
• Cultivating Distributed Leadership
• Designing Continuous Inquiry and Professional Learning
• Acknowledging and Celebrating Achievement

Evidence to support my development in meeting this standard:

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