Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

[Professional Growth Plan ~ Domain 2: Instructional Leadership,
Standard 4 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment]

Domain 2: Instructional Leadership

The Instructional Leadership domain emphasizes the principal’s and vice principal’s role in improving the quality of teaching and learning for students.

Belief Statement:
Principals and vice principals play an integral role in creating and maintaining an environment that supports the intellectual, human, and social and career development of all students.

Standard 4: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Principals and vice principals are knowledgeable and provide guidance regarding current curricula, instructional and assessment practices, and
their impact on student engagement, learning and development.
• Principles and Practices of Curriculum and Program Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
• Research-based Instructional Practices
• Assessment Literacy
• Differentiated Approaches to Curriculum Planning, Instruction and Assessment

Evidence to support my development in meeting this standard:

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