This actually happened “Five years and a few days ago”, (not 6 like I say in the video). And I got my answer in 8 minutes, not 12… But other than those minor errors, here is my ‘True Story of Connectedness‘:

Why did I make a video to tell this story when it was already shared on my blog, (see My Network in Action Part 2: Seeking Help)? I shared it for my good friend Alan Levine (@cogdog on Twitter).

From Alan:
“I’m putting together a new collection of (What were Formerly Known As) Amazing Stories of Open Sharing, can you help out? All I need is a quick, informal video of you telling of a time when you shared something openly online and how that led to an un-expected positive outcome. Stories of connection, serendipity, etc (see past ones

My plea

You can do a YouTube reply or send a link via

I bet you can do this in less than five minutes. Can you spare that and help? Or ask someone else? These are really powerful when shared with people new to the idea of open sharing.

Eternal gratitude.”

After sharing my story, Shawn White shared his, and admitted that this video was, “@swpax: … a comfort zone push for me. :-)”

True confession: my video took a bit more than 5 minutes to make, but my first couple attempts were flubbed and then ferry announcements interrupted the next 4 attempts! (I’m glad I deleted the video when the 4th interruption happened… I was less than polite). Still, all-in I was done in about 20 min. It wasn’t hard to do.

No, you probably don’t like seeing yourself on video, and no you probably won’t be happy with your delivery, (only because you are either a bit self conscious or too hard on yourself). But like Shawn, stretch yourself a little and put yourself out there! Help Alan and help educators new to connected learning… Share your Amazing (True) Story of Connectedness…

Then link to your video in the comments here after sharing with Alan, I’d love to see it! 🙂

3 comments on “What is your true story of connectedness?

  1. Hi David!
    Thanks for sharing your first true story of connectedness. Sometimes it takes a few testimonials to really jump on the technology bandwagon. I don’t know what I would do without FaceTime and Skype with my family is on the other side of the world. Hopefully, Twitter will just as beneficial to me when I get going with that. Thank you again for the tips and sharing this video.


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