The task was simple: Have your advisory pick an issue in the school and then create a video that promotes awareness of the problem and/or a solution to the problem. This is what Mr. Williams’ advisory came up with last year.

I like the use of camera direction to help tell the story. This to me is great storytelling… which is almost a lost art. Videos like this tell the story more by design than by content. Oh, and like all other Advisory projects this was not done for marks, yet you can tell the students were enthusiastic about participating.

Storytelling is something we should all spend more time on… as educators and students!

One comment on “What comes around

  1. Excellent. Great message. I have stuck it in my VodPod and will use it next year, along with the PSA “Think Before You Post”. An terrific example of storytelling, as you say. Such good design doesn’t happen by accident; I bet careful storyboarding preceded the filming.

    Thanks for that!

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