Twitter EDU :: Your (FREE) One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter

I have been working on this book for over a year and a half, and it’s finally done!

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Here is a brief description of the book:

Your One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter.

“The hardest part of Twitter is that it does not have a friendly entry point. Until you develop a network, it actually takes a bit of work to make it meaningful and rewarding.”

Filled with ‘live’ links to help you Tweet and Retweet as you read the book, Twitter EDU makes learning to use Twitter an engaging experience!

The excerpt below is the book’s introduction. If you are wanting to start using twitter, or wanting to resurrect your dormant twitter account, or wanting to use twitter more effectively, then I’m sure you will get something out of the book. Please share with people you think might be interested and as always, I appreciate feedback.


Twitter EDU

Your One-Stop-All-You-Need-To-Know-Guide to Twitter


I started Twitter in November of 2007. I jumped in rather unenthusiastically. Why the lack of enthusiasm?  Because at the time I wasn’t updating my status regularly on Facebook and I thought to myself, “Why would I use a tool that only did one part of what Facebook did, when I already don’t use that part of Facebook?” However, I was blogging regularly and several educational bloggers that I admired were blogging over and over again about ‘the power of Twitter’. So, while November of 2007 may make me seem like an early adopter to you, I was dragged in late in comparison to my blogging friends.

What happened next was amazing. Suddenly I found that some very interesting people were sharing resources that I would never have found had I not been on Twitter. This wasn’t the era of smartphones, and so I’d often read tweets early in the morning and then after working all day as a Grade 8 teacher, I’d go home and search for the last tweet that I saw in my twitter stream, and make sure that I didn’t miss a single tweet from the people I followed. I can remember the early years when twitter would be overloaded and the whole site would go down. There would be a picture of a ‘fail whale’ up instead of my Twitter stream and it would be agonizing to wait until Twitter came back up so that I could see what I missed.

Eventually, the whale disappeared, and Twitter became much more stable. Eventually, I stopped trying to read every tweet that came my way, my twitter stream got way too big. And, Eventually, twitter became a resource that fed me far more than I could ever feed it, and it continues to satisfy my appetite for learning over a decade later.

I recognize that not everyone will use Twitter the same way I do. Your reason for wanting to use twitter may range from learning, to networking and connecting to people in your industry, to self-promotion, to keeping up with the news, to entertainment, to some personal way that I simply haven’t thought of. No matter what your reasons, I’m pretty sure this book will help you. Just remember to help yourself and to ‘play’ along on Twitter as you go.

And finally, before we get started, have a look at the fail whale again. If you feel like things are going too fast, or thinking ‘I don’t get it’, then find a friend to help you. People who understand twitter are always looking to ‘lift up’ those that are just getting going. On several pages of this book I suggest finding a (local) Twitter mentor. Ten to twenty minutes with a friend helping you can go a long way to make your initial experiences easier, and will probably make this book easier to play along with.

If you enter this learning experience with a ‘Growth Mindset’, you will become a ‘Super Tweeter’ in no time.


“People with the growth mindset know that it takes time for potential to flower.”

? Carol S. Dweck, Mindset

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There is great potential in how Twitter can work for you… enjoy this book and watch your twitter skills blossom!