"Transforming Education - K12Onlilne2011"

A few minutes into this presentation I demonstrate that I’ve been a fan of the K12Online Conference for 5 years now. So, it was wonderful to be able to participate this year and share a video of my own.

[Link to K12Online video page]  |  [Link to YouTube version]

I’d rather let the video speak for itself, than to go on about it here. I’ll just share that I really appreciate the time and effort people put into sharing their video interviews with me. I asked them 4 questions:


  1. Share your thoughts on the future of education .  (Pie-in-the-sky look at exciting things that are positive & possible.)


  1. What advice would you give an educator wanting to engage in new ways to teach and to learn?


  1. What does it meant to be a connected/Networked teacher?

Lead: (At all levels)

  1. How do you lead the transformation? Or, what advice would you give an educator at any level about leading the change?

The answers I got were very insightful!

Since I really wanted to inspire people to take action, I created a website for this presentation: Trans4mEd.org and I hope people will share some thoughts on twitter with the hashtag #Trans4mEd. The Engage page has two VoiceThreads to interact with. One has Contributor Quotes and the other has Image Quotes from the video. I’m hoping that people will comment there and share their thoughts as a symbol of their commitment to engage as a connected educator. I plan on sharing participant videos there over the coming weeks. I had planned to have them up already, but this video took a lot longer than I’d thought it would.

Please take a moment to comment on the VoiceThreads, and as always, your feedback is appreciated.

Pick a VoiceThread and comment!

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(See a larger version on VoiceThread)

It is easy to add your comment… start sharing! Thank you.

Ps. Forgot to mention it in the video, but a special thanks to Bryan Jackson for interviewing his students… they were an important contribution to the video ‘story’.

5 comments on “Transforming Education – K12Online Conference 2011 Presentation

  1. Dear David,

    I really enjoyed the post and the video you put together! There is a lot of information here and I believe it will take me a couple of sessions to unpack all that you have here. One of the best connection I had was with your presentation on Teacher A + B. I have come to a similar epiphany and am working on becoming more of teacher B with my class blog and student individual blogs. We have also combined this with the use of Edmodo and a lot of our work is being handed in virtually and commented on. WordPress through another great idea our way at the start of the year by allowing us to send of unfinished work so that we can collaborate and proof read other students work. These have meant great learning opportunities for myself and my students, so thanks for putting more context to my madness.


    Andre Kozak

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