This, my blog has taught me – Presentation 1, BLC08

Description: Since keeping a blog I have learned that little lessons can form big ideas, altering what a teacher can and must do. I’ve recently moved my blog, and in doing so, I have reflected on every post along the way. Here is an anecdotal look at a few things my blog has taught me.

Here is the second part of the presentation where I ask participants to join in on the journey or the conversation…

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7 comments on “This, my blog has taught me – Presentation 1, BLC08

  1. My favourite line of your presentation was “I am a better teacher, I’m a better leader because of the reflective nature of what I do on my blog.” This is key for me, otherwise why blog? Why teach or lead for that matter either if your not willing to chew on what you do? There are lots of great how-to blogs–which have been essential to my learning–I need them, but it’s the why that intrigues me. Honest refection and the distilling of what has most meaning is kind of a lost practice. Blogging forces me to think about what matters and why.

  2. Hi David,
    I am not a better teacher because I reflect, I am a better teacher when my reflections lead me to challenge my own prejudices , misconceptions and weaknesses….I work with teachers who are able to reflect but then do nothing about what they have learnt, because sometimes it is easier to keep on doing what you have always done, than attempt to challenge yourself and develop a new paradigm of learning….

  3. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
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