1. Pick a site that YOU WANT TO join.

2. Sign-up.

3. Take the time to seek out interesting people.

4. Friend them, follow them, add them to your network, join their network, favorite what you like, read them, talk to them, and link to them.

5. Share thoughtfully, openly, generously, bravely and in a variety of places.

6. Enjoy what others share with you.

7. Go back to step 1, repeat.

In a couple months, Google search yourself.


*Already have a digital footprint? Add your own links to this post and post it yourself! (Then share it with me!)

3 comments on “The complete guide to building a digital footprint

  1. WOW, I just checked my Google footprint, I used to have a ‘rate my teacher’ rating up near the top, now it’s nowhere to be seen (on the first search page at least)! Very interesting, I didn’t do any of this for this rather nice side effect, thanks for inspiring me to look!

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