“I can do that without technology” -Actually no you can’t!

Here is the Slideshare.

This was the presentation I first created for BLC08, and I wrote about it here.

I’ve finally edited it for the web… a tedious task as I tend to use a lot of slide transitions that do not convert well to individual slides. I shared a few presentation notes on this Slideshare, but not too much. This is a great feature I’ll probably use more in the future.

Here again is the Ustream: This version was done for student teachers at Simon Fraser University. As a video, it has a slow start with student teachers discussing a statement, and sharing ideas until about the 13 minute mark. Also, the slides in this video won’t match perfectly to the Slideshare above as I had to explain some of the slides for the stand-alone slide show, but it would be easy to connect the two presentations.

I’ll be using some of this presentation as the intro to one of my BLC09 presentations:

The P.O.D.s are coming!

What are PODS? They are Personally Owned Devices, and they are already infiltrating our schools. For now they get tucked away in lockers and backpacks, but as the saying goes, “If there is an elephant in the room, introduce it!” Students are bringing small machines with huge potential into our schools. It is time to introduce these tools into our classrooms and also to make sure that we have the knowledge and the infrastructure to use them to their fullest potential.

And I’ll probably link to this post in my PODs presentation. I first discussed PODs here.

It’s nice to finally be able to share this presentation and as always, I’m offering it with a CC license:

Feedback, as always, is greatly appreciated.

4 comments on “The Rant, I Can’t, The Elephant and the Ant- On SlideShare

  1. Enjoyed looking through your presentation on Slideshare, David. It’s inspired me to reconsider the idea of “networks” for my classroom (student learning networks and teacher networks).

  2. Great presentations! I just did a post recently on usefulness of UStream. Seems the professional development went well and the teachers were excited by the presentation. How well did they respond to using Voicethread? Currently, I am using the service as a way to connect my kindergarten students with elementary students in New Zealand. Voicethread is very well received with parents who are too scared to put their children on the net in Wikis or blogs.

  3. Paul,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation. If I was inclined to go back to school, (yet again), I would dig deeply into the pedagogy of networks vs groups, as this is fascinating stuff. I think the classrooms of the future will be very networked and it will become an expectation rather than an exception. I’m glad that my little presentation can continue to influence and inspire others, thanks for the comment!

    Interestingly enough, I’ve only ever used VoiceThread with adults as I came across that tool after becoming an administrator. Two tools that I think are fantastic for the classroom are VoiceThread and Diigo: They both hold so much potential for meaningful engagement and networking of ideas. Using VoiceThread with a Kindergarten class to connect globally is a brilliant idea… and the by-product of getting parents to feel good about their children participating in a global project is wonderful. Have you tried involving parents in a VoiceThread?
    As for the student teachers using VoiceThread, it went well, but what was shocking to me was the difficulty that some of them had creating an account. It concerns me that technology integration seems more optional than anything expected with new, incoming teachers.

  4. Dave,
    Awesome resources both: no wonder your page hits are blowing up! I think, as well, that my sister was in that PDP discussion (fall semester, last year, perhaps?). The slideshare follows something of the “Did you know??” arc, but is closer to the ground/less general. I’m stepping into my new “pod” as soon as they have new 3G iPhones (in black) in Canada: my parents jumped right over you offloading yours, and went for the new one for my birthday!
    Thanks for the post! Will be sharing at Gleneagle, for sure!

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