Hargreaves and the 4th Way [Part 2]

I first wrote about Andy Hargreaves and the 4th Way back in October, (with an important update added to the bottom of the post in early November). The pyramid below is updated from that post, taking feedback from Hargreaves himself. Administrators from our district met and discussed The 4th Way last Thursday and we were […]

Hargreaves and the 4th Way

After reading The Fourth Way article in Educational Leadership/October 2008, by Andrew Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley, I’ve been trying to apply personal meaning to this new way. The 4th Way has five Pillars of Purpose, three Principals of Professionalism and four Catalysts of Coherence. But I think The 4th way rests firmly on just one […]

Three Quotes- Servant Leadership, Creative Tension & Vision, Knowledge Sharing in Schools

This one is on Servant Leadership – providing students with capacities and competencies… “Through their programs schools can provide the opportunity for the development of capacities and competencies, that enable young people to get started on the path of acting with a sense of civic responsibility. Through programs of community and “service” learning, student leadership […]