The Rant, I Can’t, The Elephant and the Ant- On SlideShare

“I can do that without technology” -Actually no you can’t! Here is the Slideshare. The Rant, I Can’t, the Elephant, and the Ant View more presentations from David Truss. This was the presentation I first created for BLC08, and I wrote about it here. I’ve finally edited it for the web… a tedious task as […]

The Rant, I Can’t, The Elephant and the Ant

This was my final presentation that I did at BLC08. I never ended up posting it and now I’ve just recently re-presented it for some student teachers at Simon Fraser University. [Update: July 20th, ’09 – new post with SlideShare available] Afterwards, I had them contribute to a VoiceThread, just like I did with the […]

Learning Conversations -Presentation 2, BLC08

This presentation has two parts: 1. Where do our learning conversations need to go? Here are three guiding principles to help us find our way: • Not the Knowing, but the Process of Inquiry. • Not covering the curriculum, but ‘uncovering’ the curriculum. • A focus in innovation, creativity and design. How do we model […]


Kim Cofino writes on Twitter: Join us in our uStream session: Conversations about the Future of Learning in a Networked World. I click the link to uStream and find that 12 others have also joined her meeting, later there were 17 of us. Vance Stevens is talking and a participant in the meeting links […]