Tribute to Dino

When I moved into a predominately Greek and Italian suburb of Toronto, from the small tropical island of Barbados, one thing was obvious… I didn’t fit in. The Greeks thought I was Italian, the Italians thought I was Greek. I spoke English, but my accent was so strong that I actually had to change my […]

beg for foregiveness

Sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. We’ve all heard that before, but we can’t just do what we want, when we want… Sometimes we have to be political, sometimes we have to follow protocol, and sometimes we have no choice but to ask for permission. That said […]

hidden pain

I’m back from a wonderful holiday… in 12 days we visited my sister and family in L.A., and went to San Diego where we visited the Wild Animal Park, Zoo, and SeaWorld (twice). We also went to Disney/California Adventure for 3 days. My kids had a fantastic time, and I found more joy in their […]


This is a tribute to educators. It is written in admiration of a special breed of dedicated educators that are ‘gifted’. It is a salute to teachers who have transcended the skills taught in teacher’s college and have truly mastered the ‘art’ of teaching. We all know the type, the teacher(s) we speak of well […]