Invisible Technology


Technology should be present but ‘invisible’. When we pick up a pen or pencil, we don’t call it a ‘pencil activity’, the same goes for any other technology. Blogging isn’t blogging, it’s conversing, editing, creative writing, expository writing, journalism, reflection, presenting, and so much more… As I have shared before, it is not the tool, but how you use it that matters! When the technology becomes invisible, we can focus more on the learning. [Update: … Continue reading

I was wrong

I’ve been blogging for over 4 and a half years now, and sometimes what I say is wrong! I said that iPad are for iConsumers. Meanwhile, teachers around the globe are using them with students in interactive, engaging, creative, and yes productive, (iProducer), ways. As Chris Kennedy said in response to my ‘Transformative or just flashy educational tools?‘ post: “We should encourage tools, especially for our younger learners that can do many things – I … Continue reading

Transformative or just flashy educational tools?

There are a couple tools out now that I see bantered around in educational circles that I just hate! And there are some pretty awesome tools out there that are being used in rather old and traditional ways, and I don’t hate the tool, but I hate the use of them. With any tool, I’m sure there are always exceptions that are made. I said, iPads are for iConsumers, and in many respects I still … Continue reading

Choose Your Battle

Choose your position: Are you a gatekeeper, policemen, guard… or teacher? All these jobs are necessary, but which one belongs in schools? Choose your battle: Filters that also filter learning -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Banning POD’s -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Teaching without technology -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Make no mistake, having and following through with high expectations is a battle. It takes time and effort to mutually establish expectations, it takes … Continue reading

Two ‘stuck’ posts, a borrowed post with an added rant, and a few questions.

I have 2 blog posts on the go right now that I can’t get myself to complete. One is on Digital Citizenship which looks at a post by Vicky A. Davis. The concepts I am formulating are in need of some more deep thought, and I don’t know when I will get to it? The second post is on a 1-1 project in our district. I invited myself to a presentation for parents of students … Continue reading

bRinging tools to class

Today during a Math lesson on Surface Area and Volume: Mr. Truss, I forgot my calculator, can I borrow one? Do you have your cell phone? Yes? Then you have a calculator. Really? I can use my cell phone? Really! Cell phones and mp3 players in the classroom: Not Obstacles but Opportunities “Kids are going to text message. How are we going to make that work in our school?” – – – “When someone wants … Continue reading