Open Educator Manifesto

[Version I: Just the Manifesto] My Open Educator Manifesto ‘We’ educate future citizens of the world Teaching is my professional practice I Share by default I am Open, Transparent, Collaborative, and Social My students own their own:   (Learning) • learning process • learning environment • learning products • learning assessment My students belong to learning […]

My blog is my PhD

My Learning Yesterday marked 3 years of being a blogger. What a wonderful journey it has been! I may be over exaggerating when saying my blog is my Phd, after all people like Stephen Downes have done this much work and still don’t have one. Furthermore, the focus and intent of my writing has been […]

Edupunk or Educational Leader?

Confession #1: I had planned on calling this post, “Edupunk or edubunk?” bunk: nonsense- a message that seems to convey no meaning That was before reading this simple, but very powerful post by Jen D. Jones. Now I need to change my approach. My main point sits under Confession #3 below. – – – – […]

What did I do B.G. – Before Google?

The first time I saw the term ‘B.G.’ referring to ‘Before Google’ was in Karl Fisch’s ‘Did You Know’ presentation. Tonight that term came to life for me. Here is an eye-opening statistic I discovered about myself today: Total Google searches: 3633 (Since April 30th, 2006, and only counting when I have been signed into […]

Making a Difference

Here is a great thing to do with your online students: Donate Free Rice to help end world hunger… (and improve their vocabulary while you are at it!) Here is a news article about it, in case you would like to use it for current events. Advertising at the bottom of the screen changes with […]

Reflections: Stirring in the crock pot

Spring brings new beginnings just as a school year comes to an end. As a teacher it is difficult not to be reflective in June. Special moments remembered, peppered lightly with what could have been, and never transpired. The nostalgia seems to loom more so this year as I contemplate a move after my nine-year […]