Solving Interesting Problems

What interesting problems have you posed to students recently? What interesting problems have students asked you? Yesterday I was listening to Tim Ferriss interview Seth Godin on his 4 Hour Work Week podcast: ‘How Seth Godin Manages His Life — Rules, Principles, and Obsessions’. When I got to this quote, I noted the time on the show […]

Risk and Reward

I've been reading Seth Godin's Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us, and he wrote this: How to be Wrong: “The secret of being wrong isn’t to avoid being wrong! The secret is being willing to be wrong. The secret is realizing that wrong isn’t fatal. The only thing that makes people and organizations great […]

Godin – The cost of neutral

In a compelling blog post, ‘The cost of neutral‘, Seth Godin says, “Not adding value is the same as taking it away.” The short, poignant post is directed to you, the individual reader, and urges you to step up, participate, and do more than what you are expected or told to do. Godin is essentially […]


It costs nothing to be enthusiastic… 2 Questions to think about: 1. How much enthusiasm do I show at the front of the room? 2. How much enthusiasm do I inspire and/or expect from my students The unlimited power of enthusiasm Seth Godin, Nov 01, 2006 20:18:54 GMT Normally, people just show up. They show […]