“This is China” – Community

In my not-so-daily ‘Daily-Ink’ blog, I have a little series that I call ‘T.I.C.’ or “This is China“… A term our staff uses to describe interesting, wonderful, frustrating, and unique events that come with living as an ex-pat in a world very different than the one we come from. This morning I posted this photo […]

One last time

Here is a little slide show of me in one of my ‘roles of a principal‘: Ball-retriever. Before I got into administration, my good friend Dave Sands always used to say, “Being an elementary school principal is like being a rock star in a boy-band“… I got the first taste of that two weeks into […]

Choose Your Battle

Choose your position: Are you a gatekeeper, policemen, guard… or teacher? All these jobs are necessary, but which one belongs in schools? Choose your battle: Filters that also filter learning -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Banning POD’s -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Teaching without technology -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Make no mistake, having […]

Augmented Identity

Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for a while. Fans of Monday Night Football have always had the television advantage of ‘seeing’ the first down line conveniently added for their viewing pleasure. A more advanced version of augmented reality can be seen here, where you can see information about all the nearest subway locations in […]

Variable Flow

No-Flow: I still don’t have Internet at home after a week. But from using my phone, I know that Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, WordPress blogs, and quite a few more sites are blocked here in Dalian. I think both Facebook and Twitter are newly blocked, this past June, as a pre-emptive move before the 20 year […]

Great Expectations

Yesterday I had coffee with Heidi Hass Gable, our new District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) President, and blogger at “I was thinking…“. I suggested to her that she watch Lost Generation while we were discussing some well thought out ideas she shared with me about nothing less than the purpose of education. Here is the […]