Podcasting Pair-a-Dimes 1 – With Wes Fryer at Unplugd12

  Description: The very first Podcasting Pair-a-Dimes with Wes Fryer, recorded at #Unplugd12. In this episode, Wes shares some great podcasting tools, then we discuss digital media and digital design, badges, and creating those ‘Ah-ha’ moments in classrooms out of the interaction and creation of openly shared content. Show notes: (Listen Now!) • Wes Fryer: […]

Choose Your Battle

Choose your position: Are you a gatekeeper, policemen, guard… or teacher? All these jobs are necessary, but which one belongs in schools? Choose your battle: Filters that also filter learning -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Banning POD’s -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Teaching without technology -or- High expectations about appropriate use? Make no mistake, having […]

Christopher D. Sessums’ “Competing Paradigms and Educational Reform”

A great article: Competing Paradigms and Educational Reform that asks, What has this dominant paradigm actually done for public education except manufacture a crisis? Not only does it list initiatives and consequences of this paradigm (read the post!), it also suggests a paradigm shift with the following perspective: • Human freedom and empowerment are more […]