Do schools really need an AUP?

Internet woes continue to haunt me here in China. I just read a great post by Andrew Churches about Acceptable Use Agreements in Junior School (often referred to as AUP’s or Acceptable Use Policies as well). Andrew questions the value of these documents. I wrote a comment response, clicked the ‘post’ button & got another […]

A Culture of Caring

At our school we have a little rhyme that we say to remember three big ideas that make a school a great place to be. The saying is simply: Care, Share, Dare. So what does this mean to us? To Care – In a school we need to care first for ourselves, our well-being and […]

YouTube Generation

When I told my daughter that rather than taking photos of her musical theater Christmas show solo, I actually filmed it… she immediately asked me, “Can you put me on YouTube?” I obliged. After Cassie saw the video she momentarily didn’t want it up. Why? Because she was sick for 3 days before-hand with a […]

hidden pain

I’m back from a wonderful holiday… in 12 days we visited my sister and family in L.A., and went to San Diego where we visited the Wild Animal Park, Zoo, and SeaWorld (twice). We also went to Disney/California Adventure for 3 days. My kids had a fantastic time, and I found more joy in their […]