Community, Relationships and Rhizomatic Learning

I’m at the BC Digital Learning Conference in Burnaby BC. Yesterday I went to the pre-conference session ‘Beyond DL (Part 1) Emerging Models Integrating Distributed Learning in BC Schools’, a panel discussion with: Verena Roberts, Jeff Stewart, Brad Hutchinson, Dean Coder, Bruce Weitzel, Karen Flello, moderated by Randy LaBonte. A common theme inspired by Verena was the […]

No Office Day!

Yesterday was a great day! It was actually initiated Wednesday after school when I had a staff meeting and realized that I’d barely been in classes for more than a walk-thru in the last month. I can give a million excuses why that was the case, but each and every one of them are just […]

A Story About A Tree

Not long ago, if a group of ‘gamers’ got together for Dungeons and Dragons, people saw it as strange. Teenagers bonding by getting together and creating alter egos, or characters and living out a fantasy. Role Playing Gamers were sometimes perceived as a ‘fringe’ group of lost souls that lack a full grip on reality. […]