The Rant, I Can’t, The Elephant and the Ant- On SlideShare

“I can do that without technology” -Actually no you can’t! Here is the Slideshare. The Rant, I Can’t, the Elephant, and the Ant View more presentations from David Truss. This was the presentation I first created for BLC08, and I wrote about it here. I’ve finally edited it for the web… a tedious task as I tend to use a lot of slide transitions that do not convert well to individual slides. I shared a … Continue reading

The Flickering (Never)Mind

A colleague and good friend sent this review of The Flickering Mind to me, wanting to hear my rebuttal. Here it is! This outdated book, The Flickering Mind, is based on very poor research, it lacks any meaningful data, and it seeks out the worst of the worst in order to prove a point. How about I come into your class and very selectively choose lessons/examples to give someone a poor impression of you? It … Continue reading