Are You a Catalyst for Change?

It is now a month after BLC08 and a recent comment has stirred up some thoughts that sent me back to a blog draft I wrote months ago. On Defragging my brain after BLC08, Angela Kerns mentioned that of my nine ‘take-aways’, #3 and #4 resonated with her: 3. Face-to-face meetings with your network are […]

Overloaded and Unplugged

How much is too much? I like to lurk in Twitter, but I’m having full-on conversations with Plurk. I just spent over an hour putting my Firefox tabs into diigo. After that I started cleaning up my desktop and found a screen capture I made on twirl over a month ago: I also bookmarked this […]


I missed out on NECC both physically and online. Despite my wonderful network, with @derrallg Ustreaming, and @durff plurking live links, I just could not find the time. I’ve read a few blog posts about NECC, but one has caught my attention. Ewan McIntosh is (Not) coping with cognitive overload: I feel like the glass […]