Applications of Digital Literacy


Applications of Digital Literacy is a course that I helped create for the Inquiry Hub. It is one of two courses principal Stephen Whiffin and I decided to develop as local board approved courses*, the other course is Foundations of Inquiry. Stephen humourously calls these ‘mandatory electives’ since we decided that these would be requisite courses for anyone coming to the Inquiry Hub. The idea is that we do not expect students to come to … Continue reading

My blog is my PhD

My Learning Yesterday marked 3 years of being a blogger. What a wonderful journey it has been! I may be over exaggerating when saying my blog is my Phd, after all people like Stephen Downes have done this much work and still don’t have one. Furthermore, the focus and intent of my writing has been far from such a standard, and sure to be rejected as a dissertation… BUT… I know a few people that … Continue reading

Synthesize and Add Meaning

Going back to Time, (See Square Peg, Round Hole) Wesley Fryer’s ‘Moving at the speed of creativity’, refers to the Time cover story, How to Bring Our Schools Out of the 20th Century, in his post, 21st Century Education reform. In reference to this quote in the Time article: “In an age of overflowing information and proliferating media, kids need to rapidly process what’s coming at them and distinguish between what’s reliable and what isn’t. … Continue reading