4 notes on taking notes


This made me laugh. I saw this image (source unknown) and saved it to my photos on my iPad. Later that day, I tweeted it out and since then it has had quite a response. And then the teacher said… You may take notes. pic.twitter.com/4xYBAKi2jN — David Truss (@datruss) June 3, 2014 In one of the responses to this tweet, Maurizio Basso (@moba3030) said, “@datruss so true seeing more of this. As long as they … Continue reading

a meaningful shift

Before: There was a built in validity (not necessarily accuracy) in opening up and reading the information in an encyclopedia. And now: Can the same be said of a web search? Whose job is it to check validity and accuracy now? Before: We watched along as our teachers played dry, (usually humourless) documentaries as we filled in the blanks on our worksheets. And now: Students find, and create, their own videos. Before: We tried to … Continue reading

I was wrong

I’ve been blogging for over 4 and a half years now, and sometimes what I say is wrong! I said that iPad are for iConsumers. Meanwhile, teachers around the globe are using them with students in interactive, engaging, creative, and yes productive, (iProducer), ways. As Chris Kennedy said in response to my ‘Transformative or just flashy educational tools?‘ post: “We should encourage tools, especially for our younger learners that can do many things – I … Continue reading

Shifting Attitudes

Have you made the Shift? Are you an agent of change? Where do you fit? This is Part III of a 3 part series. When I started this series I had an outline that I only vaguely ended up following, but I knew from the start that what I wanted to say was too much for a single post. _______________ Part I Shifting Education Are you unshifted, shifting, or shifted? “To the shifted: You have … Continue reading

Black and White Education

When my grandfather was a teenager in the Ukraine, he played his accordion for the ‘moving pictures’. He was a member of the band that would play scripted music as damsels in distress were first tied to train tracks by villains, then rescued by heroes. The music the band played added life to the moving pictures and helped to set the mood or build suspense. Essentially another channel of meaningful information was added to these silent … Continue reading

The Web2.0 Prophecy: An Adventure

Originally posted: March 13th, 2007 Reflection upon re-reading and re-posting: Until now I have been adding my reflection at the end of these re-posts. However, I thought with this post it should come first. Why? Because it is important that I share the date of the original post before quoting other bloggers who were expressing views/moods they may not currently hold. Of all my posts, this one really seems forward thinking and, well, prophetic. We … Continue reading