The POD’s are Coming! BLC09

The Presentation: The POD’s are Coming View more presentations from David Truss. This is a story I think all educators need to hear. The question I wonder is, ‘Am I telling it in a way that they will listen?’ I told this story at BLC09 last week, and I’ll share some of my experience there […]

Overloaded and Unplugged

How much is too much? I like to lurk in Twitter, but I’m having full-on conversations with Plurk. I just spent over an hour putting my Firefox tabs into diigo. After that I started cleaning up my desktop and found a screen capture I made on twirl over a month ago: I also bookmarked this […]

“You can’t go back now, can you?”

It’s the old allegory of the cave. Last Friday I was leaving the school and I popped into my VP’s office. Among other things, Anthony and I often talk about technology in the classroom. One thing led to another and I showed him the YouTube video that was the subject of my last post: iPhone […]