Positively Memidemic

Dean Shareski started it! (And that's a good thing.) In his post It’s Not Really PD, Dean says about the (mis)use of the term 'Professional Development' ('PD') to describe an event: “I guess we butcher our language all the time. Using the word “awesome” to describe a great sandwich as well as the beauty of […]

Hargreaves and the 4th Way

After reading The Fourth Way article in Educational Leadership/October 2008, by Andrew Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley, I’ve been trying to apply personal meaning to this new way. The 4th Way has five Pillars of Purpose, three Principals of Professionalism and four Catalysts of Coherence. But I think The 4th way rests firmly on just one […]


Kim Cofino writes on Twitter: Join us in our uStream session: http://ustream.tv/channel/isb-edu-stream Conversations about the Future of Learning in a Networked World. I click the link to uStream and find that 12 others have also joined her meeting, later there were 17 of us. Vance Stevens is talking and a participant in the meeting links […]

“You can’t go back now, can you?”

It’s the old allegory of the cave. Last Friday I was leaving the school and I popped into my VP’s office. Among other things, Anthony and I often talk about technology in the classroom. One thing led to another and I showed him the YouTube video that was the subject of my last post: iPhone […]

Reflections: Stirring in the crock pot

Spring brings new beginnings just as a school year comes to an end. As a teacher it is difficult not to be reflective in June. Special moments remembered, peppered lightly with what could have been, and never transpired. The nostalgia seems to loom more so this year as I contemplate a move after my nine-year […]