Be part of my K12Online Conference Presentation

Yesterday I sent out some invitations to help me with my K12Online Conference presentation. Today I’ve decided to demonstrate some of the key points around making connections, having a valuable network, and being an active learner. So, I am asking YOU: Please join me and be a part of my Transforming Education presentation! I’m hoping […]

SUPER TAGS and TAG WEEDERS: It’s time for blog tags to grow up!

SUPER TAGS Call them Super Tags, Übertags, meta tags, tagging tags, umbrella tags, call them what you will but I WANT THEM! I did a little search on Technorati, so is it K-12_Online, K-12Online, K12Online, or K12OnlineConference? I haven’t even considered the year yet k12Online06… The fact is that some of these searches are similar, […]

David Warlick’s K12 Online Conference Keynote 2006

Here is the gem I took from David Warlick’s Keynote “Derailing Education“. Warlick is referring to Friedman‘s ‘Experts’ and ‘Adaptable People’… from The World Is Flat. “These are the kinds of people that need to be coming out of our classrooms, people who know how to make themselves an expert and people who can learn, […]