Disruptive Forces

I found myself in an interesting Twitter discussion with @backcountrynut – Sean Beaton, @adlcprojects – Jason Wiks, @laurelbeaton – Laurel Beaton, and @web20classroom – Steve W. Anderson, a few days back. In this conversation Jason said, “I think that the last disruption in ed was from elite ed to mass ed in the 1900’s” @adlcprojects Sean […]

Product You

I won’t bore you with the stats, we all know that we are bombarded with advertising everywhere we look. We also know that we are being targeted better and better by advertisers wanting to part us from our money. When I was on Yahoo Mail, I was always targeted by my last name: Truss… So, […]

What did I do B.G. – Before Google?

The first time I saw the term ‘B.G.’ referring to ‘Before Google’ was in Karl Fisch’s ‘Did You Know’ presentation. Tonight that term came to life for me. Here is an eye-opening statistic I discovered about myself today: Total Google searches: 3633 (Since April 30th, 2006, and only counting when I have been signed into […]

Making a Difference

Here is a great thing to do with your online students: Donate Free Rice to help end world hunger… (and improve their vocabulary while you are at it!) Here is a news article about it, in case you would like to use it for current events. Advertising at the bottom of the screen changes with […]

Start with Innovative Schools…

“How can the next president better help small business and entrepreneurs thrive?” That was the question that US Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama asked on LinkedIn. A day later I posted response #1421. Here it is: The definition for ‘Entrepreneur’ came from Google using ‘define: entrepreneur’, but I did not link to it since […]