Learning and Failure

  Failure can be very unproductive. It can stem from a lack of effort, resources, support, knowledge, and reflection. Failure can also be an amazing tool for learning, and perhaps one that every student should experience before graduation. Stephen Whiffin, who conceptualized the Inquiry Hub, suggested that every student should have ‘My Epic Failure’ as […]


New Perspective

At this time of year, I’m often absorbed in reading about the year that was and the year ahead. Goals, predictions, and nostalgic reviews are read, tweeted and shared in many places like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and here on this blog. However, this year I headed into the Chistmas break feeling rather unplugged, and […]

Be Creative – Grad Speech 2011

Here is my speech to my Grade 9 Graduates this year: Last year I was much briefer, but for this speech I wanted to highlight student work and really show students and parents how our laptop program makes the educational experience different. The applause at the beginning was after my ‘Thank You’s’ to everyone for […]

The complete guide to building a digital footprint

1. Pick a site that YOU WANT TO join. 2. Sign-up. 3. Take the time to seek out interesting people. 4. Friend them, follow them, add them to your network, join their network, favorite what you like, read them, talk to them, and link to them. 5. Share thoughtfully, openly, generously, bravely and in a […]