On being an agent of change

My profile byline on many online sites says, A husband,  a parent… An educator,  a student… A thinker,  a dreamer… An agent of change. I think it says a lot about me, who I am, and who I want to be. But I’ve been thinking about change a lot recently, and I’ve had to deal […]

I (Heart) Libraries

Belinda Kuck of Davis School District contacted me recently through my blog and said, “We are starting a 1:1 pilot in our district this year. I am the library media supervisor in our district and I would be interested in your thoughts about 1:1 and how libraries support students, teachers and curriculum and digital libraries.” […]

Students Today

This was written on a scrap piece of paper while doing some ‘big thinking’ with Heidi Hass Gable. I’m sharing it exactly as it was written, but adding links to some of my other posts to liven it up a bit… Feedback, as always, is appreciated. – – – – – Students Today -> relate […]

Do not go quietly into your classroom

I spent Friday morning with 22 student teachers and a couple teachers from my school. My goal was to introduce them to the world of web2.0, wikis, and del.icio.us. Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad- I didn’t really get into delicious beyond an introduction. That aside, I think this group of future teachers really […]


Kim Cofino writes on Twitter: Join us in our uStream session: http://ustream.tv/channel/isb-edu-stream Conversations about the Future of Learning in a Networked World. I click the link to uStream and find that 12 others have also joined her meeting, later there were 17 of us. Vance Stevens is talking and a participant in the meeting links […]

November Learning

After my last post I went to hear Alan November speak at an afternoon Pro-D session. I then read Brian Kuhn‘s blog post and added a comment, which I have edited slightly and included below. In the process of writing this comment I realized a valuable lesson, which I will discuss below the comment: The […]