Pushing and Nudging with Andy Hargreaves

I love how Andy Hargreaves always makes me think! See: The Fourth Way: The Inspiring Future for Educational Change Here are some great quotes, via my notes and Twitter conversations from our school district’s morning with Andy:   Literature says the best pro-d is job embedded, in your classroom, ongoing… #Hargreaves #sd43 via @HHG Excellence in Canadian education speaks to the enduring quality and commitment of teachers, notwithstanding gov change etc Hargreaves #sd43 via @HHG … Continue reading

An Authentic Audience Matters

  Bringing Science Alive! Total visitors since 15 Mar 2007: 100,190. In the last 4 years, a little Science Wiki that I created with a couple Grade 8 classes has been viewed over 100,000 times. Wow! Here is what I tried to do with the wiki: Let’s bring Science Alive! What do you want to learn about in Science? Welcome to our Science Alive project! We are students in two Middle School Grade 8 classes … Continue reading

Parenting in the digital age

Three weeks ago I did a couple presentations to parents about Parenting In the Digital Age: This FREE workshop is for parents, both the tech savvy and the less technically inclined, who would like to develop family expectations around the use of technology to play, learn and connect. For this presentation I created a wiki: http://raisingdigitalkids.wikispaces.com/ and tonight I’ve finally uploaded the presentation to Slideshare. These were the learning intentions: Examine children’s use of technology … Continue reading

One last time

Here is a little slide show of me in one of my ‘roles of a principal‘: Ball-retriever. Before I got into administration, my good friend Dave Sands always used to say, “Being an elementary school principal is like being a rock star in a boy-band“… I got the first taste of that two weeks into being here at my school in China. Our intermediate boys always play soccer in the back corner of our playground … Continue reading

Hargreaves and the 4th Way [Part 2]

I first wrote about Andy Hargreaves and the 4th Way back in October, (with an important update added to the bottom of the post in early November). The pyramid below is updated from that post, taking feedback from Hargreaves himself. Administrators from our district met and discussed The 4th Way last Thursday and we were guided through some activities to encourage us to explore the text and to examine which of Hargreaves’ principles we are … Continue reading

Facing Facebook

Some people say ‘kids will be kids’… Some adults have never forgotten what it felt like to be a victim. What happens when adults are not present? Sometimes kids do things they shouldn’t do. Sometimes kids make choices based on what their friends do rather than on what they know is the right thing to do. Sometimes the bully wins: It happens on playgrounds, in cafeterias, and friend’s basements, at parties & school dances, and … Continue reading

Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

I grew up watching Sesame Street and singing along to ‘Who are the people in your neighbourhood‘. Well the concept of neighbourhood has really changed for me. I showed this movie in Powerpoint format at one of my presentations at BLC08 this summer. Afterwards, I think it was one of 3 people, (Liz Davis, Laura Deisley, or Maria Knee), that asked me how many people from my network did I think were in the presentation? … Continue reading

1-to-1 presentation

A year ago I went to see my friends Dave Sands and Brian Kuhn presenting to parents that were part of a 1-1 (one laptop per child) pilot program at a Middle School. Little did I know that I’d be moved to that same school as the Vice Principal in February, and that I’d be co-presenting with Brian, to the parents in the program, one year later. Brian did a great job preparing the presentation … Continue reading

Are You a Catalyst for Change?

It is now a month after BLC08 and a recent comment has stirred up some thoughts that sent me back to a blog draft I wrote months ago. On Defragging my brain after BLC08, Angela Kerns mentioned that of my nine ‘take-aways’, #3 and #4 resonated with her: 3. Face-to-face meetings with your network are powerful… very powerful. 4. More learning happens in the halways and at meals/socials than in sessions. Create opportunities for Learning   Conversations. What is most … Continue reading

Most Influential

We are influenced by so many things in our lives. Identifying what has a significant influence on us can be difficult. Here are two things that I believe can be categorized as most influential… and they both happened Monday. 1. Fifteen year old Kristine wrote a very influential blog post last May. It coincided with a lesson I was doing in my class for our school’s Renaissance Fair. The post, “How to Prevent Another Leonardo … Continue reading