A Culture of Caring

At our school we have a little rhyme that we say to remember three big ideas that make a school a great place to be. The saying is simply: Care, Share, Dare. So what does this mean to us? To Care – In a school we need to care first for ourselves, our well-being and […]

Bubble Wrap

After a month in China, I’ve come to realize that North Americans live in a bubble wrapped world. In the ‘Western’ world we walk around oblivious to our surroundings, going about our business feeling safe and secure. I don’t mean safe in the sense of being cautious of others, since in actual fact, I have […]

The Road Less Traveled

Sometimes you can’t just take baby steps, and you’ve got to commit fully to experience something… I’m leaving my job, my home, and my country. I have just accepted a Principal’s position in Dalian China for September. My wife will be teaching at the school and my daughters will be attending it. We weren’t actually […]