Be Creative – Grad Speech 2011

Here is my speech to my Grade 9 Graduates this year: Last year I was much briefer, but for this speech I wanted to highlight student work and really show students and parents how our laptop program makes the educational experience different. The applause at the beginning was after my ‘Thank You’s’ to everyone for […]

What did I do B.G. – Before Google?

The first time I saw the term ‘B.G.’ referring to ‘Before Google’ was in Karl Fisch’s ‘Did You Know’ presentation. Tonight that term came to life for me. Here is an eye-opening statistic I discovered about myself today: Total Google searches: 3633 (Since April 30th, 2006, and only counting when I have been signed into […]

November Learning

After my last post I went to hear Alan November speak at an afternoon Pro-D session. I then read Brian Kuhn‘s blog post and added a comment, which I have edited slightly and included below. In the process of writing this comment I realized a valuable lesson, which I will discuss below the comment: The […]

Start with Innovative Schools…

“How can the next president better help small business and entrepreneurs thrive?” That was the question that US Senator and Presidential Candidate Barack Obama asked on LinkedIn. A day later I posted response #1421. Here it is: The definition for ‘Entrepreneur’ came from Google using ‘define: entrepreneur’, but I did not link to it since […]

Presentation Week

I have not used PowerPoint very many times in my life. However, I have sat through, and sometimes suffered through, many as part of an audience. So I felt a little intimidated when Nicoletta, one of my Vice Principals in my new school, asked me to create a PowerPoint presentation to introduce the new Graduation […]

How to Prevent Another Leonardo da Vinci

… continue teaching school like it is 1890. “Blinding ignorance does mislead us. O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!” -LEONARDO DA VINCI Here it is from Kris, a 15 year-old former student, “How to Prevent Another Leonardo da Vinci“. I think this post should be mandatory for every student teacher to read before they graduate. […]