"Shift Control"

Still sold on Laptops over iPads

I know that I’ve already expressed this view in my BYOL vs BYOD post, but here are two more reasons why I think laptops are the better way to go… I find that I’m using my iPad more and more, but for consuming information, not creating it. Reason (1) comes from a student, while reason […]

Connect Ed Canada

The first day of the Connect Ed Canada conference was spent at the Calgary Science School, (check out their blog). The highlight of the day was a full morning tour of the building with Grade 7 students Kristen and Julie, which I shared with Shelley Wright. I wish that I was recording Kristen when she […]

Truly Questioning Everything

Yesterday I read a great post by Ira Socol: Question Everything. I love the Boeing 787 story, and the Guardian newspaper video commercial is one of those self-explanatory examples that I just know I’ll use in the future. Ira reminded me of my post: Question Everything that I wrote, while still in China, to start […]