Unintentional Bias

My bias was intentional. In my last post, Girl Power, I highlighted two things: 1. The Girl Effect video 2. Women who are Inspirational Educational Leaders Liz B. Davis said this in the first comment on the post: (I added the links) David, Thanks for including me in your list of inspiring women. I am […]

Are You a Catalyst for Change?

It is now a month after BLC08 and a recent comment has stirred up some thoughts that sent me back to a blog draft I wrote months ago. On Defragging my brain after BLC08, Angela Kerns mentioned that of my nine ‘take-aways’, #3 and #4 resonated with her: 3. Face-to-face meetings with your network are […]

Alan November’s BLC08 pre-conference

“Leading the Transition” I’m in the session now… WOW… so I’ll be brief. Alan asked me to start a Shared Google Document here it is: http://fon.gs/blc08precongdoc/ And here is the Ustream: http://fon.gs/blc08preconustream/ Here is what it looks like from my perspective: (I pulled out my tablet which is on my lap to do this post) […]