Perpetual Beta

A while back, I wrote that best practice is still just practice. Teaching is a practice. We practice teaching. We have an obligation to do our best, but that will ultimately change as we… practice. If we want to apply ‘best practice’ to teaching, then we need to look at ourselves as role model learners. […]

Best Practice is still Practice

I spent most of my teaching career teaching at least one subject daily that I delivered to two different classes: The same lesson, repeated back-to-back. Many times the second class got the better deal. I tweaked, I edited, I improved what I did, and sometimes I even tried something completely different. But sometimes, things went […]

beg for foregiveness

Sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. We’ve all heard that before, but we can’t just do what we want, when we want… Sometimes we have to be political, sometimes we have to follow protocol, and sometimes we have no choice but to ask for permission. That said […]