No it isn’t about the Technology. It also isn’t about ‘getting knowledge‘. New school meets old school and neither school is where we are at right now.

I wish people would stop trying to compare old ways with new ways and started asking, “What can we do with this amazing new tool?” or “How can I use this to engage learners?” or better yet, “How can this empower students to pursue their own learning?

And we had better start doing this soon!


PODs. We are about 5 years away from most of our students bringing PODs to school, Personally Owned Devices. I’m talking about pervasive access to laptops and iPhone-like devices in our schools. Every kid coming to school with more capability in their pockets and hands than most teachers have on their desk right now.

So now a big question comes to mind. At the pace we are going now… Will we be ready to utilize these amazing tools that will be brought into our classrooms?

I say no!

So, new questions arise: What do we need to do to be ready? What needs to change? How do we maximize what we can do now?  Who makes this happen?

No it’s not about the technology… you don’t need technology to promote inquiry and a love of learning in students. It is not about preparing our students for the future… it is about preparing our teachers for the future. It is about asking ourselves the right questions and promoting a spirit of inquiry with our teachers. And finally, it is about leadership.

But traditional leadership alone won’t work. It is YOUR leadership that we need. Do not go quietly into your classroom. Do not go quietly into your schools. Do not wait for PODs to arrive. You are the one that can make a difference… ask yourself, “How can I prepare my colleagues for the future of education?”

I’ve asked a lot of questions, and I’ll provide an answer to one of them now:

Who makes this happen? YOU DO!

5 comments on “POD’s

  1. Dave, I am ready to go with my students bring their own devices at high school. One student had an Asus, the other day. I told students we were planning for the next 3 years of technology vision and purchases. I asked if they would purchase an Asus for 300.00 if the district could get a deal. We would still have laptop carts at school for those unable to do this. 4 out of 6 kids said they would do it in a heartbeat, (my word). One offered it would be cool, mine, and oh, by the way, we would take better care of it than the ones you give us to use since we would own them. Bingo! So, I will tell you in June, providing that our budget passes, but we may be on the way to blasting out the 5 year ceiling.

  2. It’s true, Dave. And that’s what I’m trying to do! Slowly it’s happening at my language school in Brazil. Five years ago, I was alone echoing what our learners could already do online, now they I’m connected, and more educators at my school are engaged. Ideally, it’s still not enough, but we’re changing and moving forward, so WE ARE Doing it. With a change in the administration, changes have even been faster, and in one year, we’ve gone farther than we could even imagine. So, you’re right! And I do hope my boys still have the chance to experience these transformed classrooms. You gave me an idea that I could maybe talk to their school administration when I go back to Brazil and volunteer to train some teachers there. Who knows? Change starts with an idea, someone, and willingness, right?

  3. I’ve been singing from that song sheet for about 5 years – I keep saying “in 5 years”… and will be right one day. 🙂

    I think that the arrival / presence of PODs will push teaching / school leadership to change. We’re increasingly seeing this in pockets all over the district. I don’t think we can expect teachers to prepare for this and wait – it will happen simultaneously and chaotically until a critical mass is reached. Get ready for the ride…

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