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Podcasting Pair-a-Dimes 1 – With Wes Fryer at Unplugd12



The very first Podcasting Pair-a-Dimes with Wes Fryer, recorded at #Unplugd12. In this episode, Wes shares some great podcasting tools, then we discuss digital media and digital design, badges, and creating those ‘Ah-ha’ moments in classrooms out of the interaction and creation of openly shared content.

Show notes: (Listen Now!)

• Wes Fryer: Moving at the speed of Creativity Blog and Podcasts. And here is his podcast of me, taken moments after this one was recorded: Podcast393: Reflections on UnPlug’d 2012 with David Truss & Gail Lovely.

• Recorded on: Livescribe Smartpen • Recorded at: Unplug’d Conference

• Podcast recording tool: Audacity. Mobile podcasting apps: and ( is shutting down.)

• Wes’ book: Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing.

Mapping Media to the Common Core / Curriculum – Wes’ Blog posts about Mapping Media: Updated Media Product Names and What do you want to CREATE today?

Mozilla Open Badges

• My K12 Online Conference Presentation – Transforming Education.

• Show music by Bryan Jackson ~ Carrying Stones.


Introduction to Podcasting Pair-a-Dimes:

This is my first ever podcast. Although I’ve been on a few already, I think starting with a Seedlings interview, (and most recently on Classroom 2.0 Live!), this is my first attempt at uploading one and I decided to go all out and create a wordpress blog for this and future podcasts. The way I see it, Podcasting Pair-a-Dimes is an audio extension of my blog: Pair-a-Dimes for Your Thoughts.

I was at #Unplugd12 and got to hang out with Wes Fryer, who was one of the first people I ever listened to on a podcast. Since we had our new Livescribe Pens that can serve as a recorder, I took advantage of the opportunity.

It is a fitting that I interviewed Wes since he was one of the educational podcasters that actually introduced me to listening to podcasts, (and he might even be the first podcaster I listened to, but I’m not 100% sure 5+ years later). It is really wonderful when we meet good friends, that we’ve only previously known digitally, face-to-face! Listen to Wes and I talk about this connection on his podcast (#393).

Hopefully you enjoyed my first attempt and you will subscribe to this feed! (Listen Now!)

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