This year I have been honoured with nominations in two categories for the 6th Annual Edublog Awards. I won’t ‘win’, nor do I deserve to, but that really doesn’t matter. I put a lot of time and effort, (and love) into this personal learning space of mine, and to be placed in categories with bloggers and friends that I both admire and respect is wonderful.

Two things come from these awards that I really value: First of all, (hopefully) a bigger audience. My thinking is often challenged by my readers and commenters, and so more readers means a greater personal value to me as a lifelong learner, and an educator who wants to make a difference. Secondly, these awards introduce me to amazing people doing interesting, thoughtful and compelling writing and sharing. I’ll be spending the next few months expanding my network thanks to these awards.

I would like to thank Bryan Jackson for his nomination for Best Individual Blog. Bryan is a fairly new blogger who deserves a bigger audience and could easily have fit into both the best teacher blog and best new blogger categories. Add him as one of your regular reads, you will enjoy his thoughtful, reflective posts.

Best Individual Blog Nominee, 2009 Edublog Awards

I would also like to thank Jan Smith for her nomination for Best Teacher Blog. Being an Administrator, it is such an honour to have a teacher like Jan, (doing amazing work with her student bloggers and someone who belongs firmly in this category herself), include me in this category. In my heart I am and always will be a teacher first and I think there can be no better honour than to be nominated in this category.

Best Teacher Blog Nominee, 2009 Edublog Awards

So, if you are new to my blog, explore some posts and see if you are interested. There are a few popular posts, and some of my favourites highlighted in the right-hand sidebar… and be sure to Subsrcibe if you like what you see!

Also, here are 4 of my favourite categories to check out in the awards. As I said, it will be months before I get to all the reading and learning that these awards serve up to me.

Make a commitment to click on at least one new blog from each category and if you see something you like, don’t just subscribe, take the time to comment and participate in the learning of others. Thanks again to so many of you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog, and for being my teacher and a co-learner.

Most influential blog post

Best new blog

Best teacher blog

Best individual blog

  1. Ann Marie Cunningham’s Tech addiction ‘harms learning’ …..really??? $24.99 and I am no wiser
  2.’s Head in the Clouds
  3. Danah Boyd’s Spectacle at Web2.0 Expo… from my perspective
  4. Dan Maas’s Writing with Laptops
  5. Burcu Akyol’s Spread Your Knowledge series
  6. Bud Hunt’s Would You Please Block?
  7. Dan Myer’s A Fifth Year Teacher’s Creed
  8. Dan Meyer’s What I Would Do With This: Groceries
  9. David Wiley’s A few notes about openness (and a request)
  10. Dean Shareski’s Student and Teacher blogging that succeeds
  11. Doug Johnson’s Where are the others?
  12. Intrepid Flame’s This, This, That
  13. James Clay’s The VLE is Dead – The Movie
  14. Jon’s A Manifesto for EduChange in the Eve of Hacking Education
  15. Joyce Valenca’s My 2.0 day and the response/rant about our cover argument
  16. Joyce Valenza & Doug Johnson Things That Keep Us Up at Night
  17. Liz B. Davis’s 10 Tips for Teaching Technology to Teachers
  18. Marisa Constantinides on  How to become an ELT Teacher Educator
  19. Martin Weller’s Using learning environments as a metaphor for educational change
  20. Michael Fienen’s The Great Keynote Meltdown of 2009
  21. Michael Smith’s Germ X Generation
  22. Scott McCleod’s Calling all bloggers! – Leadership Day 2009
  23. Sean Nash’s The Four Pillars of Technology Integration
  24. Shelly Terrell’s EdChat’s “Join the Conversation”
  25. Stephen Downes’s An Operating System for the Mind
  26. Steve Wheeler’s Another nail in the coffin?
  27. TeachPaperless’s Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology (or I promised Dean Groom I wouldn’t write a top ten list; so this one goes up to eleven.)
  28. Wes Fryer’s Debating the propriety of blanket censorship by school IT departments
  29. Will Richardson’s The Obama Speech
  30. Will Richardson’s Don’t, Don’t, Don’t vs. Do, Do, Do
  1. Agnostic, Maybe
  2. Chris Leach
  3. Classroom Book of the Week
  4. David Cox’s Questions?
  5. Dr Brown’s Blog
  6. East Dragon Den
  7. Edgalaxy
  9. EFT Musings and other Tidbits
  10. I’m A Dreamer
  11. In the pICTure
  13. Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice
  14. Ken Wilson’s Blog
  15. Kristen Winkler
  16. Learning to Speak ‘Merican
  17. Look At My Happy Rainbow
  18. Marisa Constantinides – TEFL Matters
  19. Mr. Wiemers’ Shop
  20. Ozge Karaoglu’s blog
  21. performance.learning. productivity
  22. Read…Write…Talk
  23. Reality 101: CEC’s Blog for New Teachers
  24. School Food Matters
  25. Sweeney Math
  26. TAGMirror
  27. The Educators’ Royal Treatment
  28. Teaching Village
  29. Teach Paperless
  30. Teacher Reboot Camp
  31. Technology Tidbits
  32. Thinking in Mind
  33. This Week’s Education Humor
  34. The Web 2.0 Optimist
  35. Trails Optional
  36. Webmaths
  37. West Coast Left
  38. Why Did the Chickenman Cross the Road?
  39. Zarcoenglish – Tools of the Day
  1. Always Learning
  2. Andrew B. Watt’s Blog
  3. Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom
  4. Blogger in Middle-earth
  5. Blogush
  6. Box Of Tricks
  7. Cool Cat Teacher
  8. Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere
  9. Darcy Moore’s Blog
  10. David Truss: Pair-a-dimes for your thoughts
  11. Division By Zero
  12. dy/dan
  14. f(t)
  15. iTeach
  16. Langwitches Blog
  17. Learn Me Good
  18. Life Feast
  19. Kelli’s Blog
  20. Mr Robbo – The P.E Geek
  21. Music is Not For Insects
  22. Musings from a Not-So-Master Teacher
  23. Nashworld
  24. Philly Teacher
  25. Pissed Off Teacher
  26. Practical Theory
  27. Science Teacher
  28. The Scholastic Scribe
  29. Tip of The Iceberg
  30. Tween Teacher
  31. Two Writing Teachers
  32. Welcome to NCS Tech
  1. 2 Cents Worth
  2. Always Learning Blog
  3. Betchablog
  4. Blogush
  5. Blue Skunk Blog
  6. Dangerously Irrelevant
  7. dy/dan
  9. Education Innovation
  10. elearnspace
  11. Free Technology for Teachers
  12. Ideas and Thoughts
  13. Informal Learning Blog
  14. Integrating ICT into the MFL classroom
  15. Jane’s eLearning Pick of the Day
  16. Joanne Jacobs
  17. Kalinago English
  18. Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch
  19. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites Of The Day For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL
  20. Learning Is Messy
  21. Learning Vision
  22. Learning with ‘e’s
  23. Making Change
  24. Moving At The Speed Of Creativity
  25. Open Thinking
  26. Pair-a-Dimes for Your Thoughts
  27. ProfBlog
  28. Scholastic Scribe
  29. Six Things
  30. Social Media in Learning
  31. Stephen Downes OLDaily
  32. Sue Waters Blog
  33. Teacher Reboot Camp
  34. The Ed Techie
  35. The Innovator Educator
  36. The Neverending Search Blog
  37. Weblogg-ed

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  1. Hi David, this is another great post. It came too late, though. I couldn’t nominate it, so you will need to work hard next year so I can support another of your great posts

    I use it to show others how to write on your blog thanking the people who supported you to the Edublog Awards.

    You seem to be a great teacher so I voted for you and I expect you to win tonight. Trust me David, you deserve it

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