At this time of year, I’m often absorbed in reading about the year that was and the year ahead. Goals, predictions, and nostalgic reviews are read, tweeted and shared in many places like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and here on this blog. However, this year I headed into the Chistmas break feeling rather unplugged, and that has continued through to tonight. I’m currently on a ski holiday and other than posting a few photos online and keeping up with a bit of email, I am still pretty unplugged. Even now, I’ve chosen to write, rather than read and connect.

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White Sky (Colour photo)

That said, I’m still thinking (like many of you) about the year ahead and what it will bring… Or more importantly, what I will make of it! Starting in November of 2011, when I was creating my K12Online ‘Transforming Education‘ video presentation, followed by my ‘Let’s Transform Education‘ conversation starter in early 2012, I’ve been trying to focus on the idea that education is not broken! I think that if we want to create an innovative and exciting future, we can’t do it from a perspective that things need repairing or fixing. Instead, we need a perspective where transformations can occur; Where we take current ideas of what works, and question, “In the amazing world we live in… What’s possible in education?”

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When the sun came out.

I’ve decided that I plan to do a lot of sharing in the new year. I want my learning to be visible and open. I’ll blog more frequently (twice a month isn’t enough), I’ll podcast regularly (I have many recordings to work with from my interviews for my K12 Online presentation), and I’ll start sharing my love for photography again. I will also work on adding my voice, and hopefully some more voices, on the Inquiry Hub‘s Hub Blog.

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Through my goggles

I learn so much from the process of sharing. I’m forced to look at thinks differently, to justify my thoughts, and even admit my shortcomings. I think that I have been unintentionally holding back things I should be sharing because my work is less than perfect… Meanwhile I have this incredible network that can help me make what I’m doing better! That’s my new perspective for 2013. Share more!

By David Truss on Flickr
A New Day!

What about you?

5 comments on “New Perspective

  1. David,
    I really liked the positive tone of this post! I also appreciated how you took charge of what you were going to do this upcoming year-it gave me the feeling like you are in control of your experience. That’s important and I feel like more people (and educators) should be taking that approach to the uncertainties of the future. I share your excitement about what the upcoming year holds and I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences too.
    Jasper Sr.

  2. David,

    Your new year perspective means a lot o many of us. I, for one thing, follow you, have listened to your podcasts and read your posts, so this is just a quick note to let you know that if you share more, we will be here paying attention to it, and just like you, I want to not only share more, but to try out new possibilities, even if they are imperfect!

    For a Brazilian fan and avid listener.

  3. Jasper,
    It truly is a wonderful time to be an educator. I have taken control of my words… now I need to take control of my actions! 🙂

    Carla and Naomi,
    I have truly appreciated our ‘conversations’ both in the comments on our blogs and also on Twitter. What a great year of learning it was last year and there is so much more to share and learn as we go forward.

  4. Happy New Year, David
    What a delight to find your post on my first day back to Twitter in a while. Your intentions resonate with me as I hope to be both more active in engaging with our community and more transparent for the sake of learning in the year ahead. There are many challenges and far more rewards ahead. I hope you are well and I look forward to sharing the journey.

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