This presentation has two parts:

1. Where do our learning conversations need to go? Here are three guiding principles to help us find our way:
• Not the Knowing, but the Process of Inquiry.
• Not covering the curriculum, but ‘uncovering’ the curriculum.
• A focus in innovation, creativity and design.
How do we model this… every day?

Here is a VoiceThread with questions from the presentation… please share your thoughts!

Here is the video Famous Failures that I couldn’t get the sound to play for.

The second part is only shared here… not within the presentation.

2. It is the questions we ask ourselves and our students that help make Project 2.0h’s great. This take-it-with-you powerpoint presentation will help you provide the scaffolding for engaging digital projects.

Thanks to everyone who came to this presentation!

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6 comments on “Learning Conversations -Presentation 2, BLC08

  1. During your third BLC08 presentation; one slide mentioned 4 items to being a 20th century teacher ….

    Personality, Curriculum, Pedagogy and ______

    Not a test, what was the 4th item and your notes will be posted soon I hope.

    Thank you

  2. Practice:

    That was in the slideshow and it was an image taken from Jeff Uteched
    Please be sure to give him credit if you use the images.
    I won’t have a post up for the 3rd presentation for a while since the ustream didn’t work properly, so just ask any more questions here… I’m glad to help out!
    When I get everything together I’ll post what I can. I’m pretty exhausted from doing 3 different presentationsb here in Boston, and wouldn’t recommend that for anyone in the future. That said, what a wonderful experince this was- Wow!

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