Technology should be present but ‘invisible’. When we pick up a pen or pencil, we don’t call it a ‘pencil activity’, the same goes for any other technology.

Blogging isn’t blogging, it’s conversing, editing, creative writing, expository writing, journalism, reflection, presenting, and so much more…

"Blogging- It is not abuot the Tools...It's about the Skills"

As I have shared before, it is not the tool, but how you use it that matters!

When the technology becomes invisible, we can focus more on the learning.

[Update: See my comment below for more on this topic.]

4 comments on “Invisible Technology

  1. Thanks for your comment and for sharing the links Corrie.
    My first draft of this was in December 3 years ago, and I have left it until now because I wanted to make it into a much longer post. However, I was just setting up Evernote on my new computer and found a copy of my draft. Finding it, I realized that it said enough and posted it, but now reading your post, I do wish I wrote more.

    The idea of ‘Digital Normalisation’ is interesting. We keep hearing about ‘digital literacy’ and ‘digital citizenship’ when what we are really talking about is Literacy and Citizenship.

    When I created my ‘Blog Rules – Respect, Inclusion, Learning and Safety‘ back in 2006, I used our school beliefs around those four areas, ‘Respect, Inclusion, Learning and Safety’, and simply applied them or rather extended them to our online learning environment. Essentially, I didn’t create new digital rules, I simply continued with current expectations, clarified for a new context.

    The ‘digital’ contexts will shift, but really the ethos around positive and appropriate use should remain the same.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for pushing me to clarify my own thoughts around this topic.

  2. Hi David,
    I am student at the University of South Alabama taking a course in EDM 310, which teaches us how to use and incorporate technology into the classroom. I will be summarizing my visits to your blog through a post on my blog,, on February 15th. My class objectives and your blog post topic are both on technology so, it was easy for me to relate to what you were saying. Moreover, technology is beginning to become the norm for completing work instead of the traditional pencil and paper. With the use of technology, many more learning doors are opened. Furthermore, I enjoyed reading your post and it really got me thinking about how technology is becoming more “invisible” and pencil and paper are taking it’s place.

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