On Thursday October 30th, I had the honour of being interviewed by Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes and Bob Sprankle on Seedlings hosted by EdTechTalk.

Here is my interview on Seedlings.

And here is the chat transcript. I couldn’t get onto EdtechTalk at school and rushed home minutes before we started, so that added a few kinks for me. One of the kinks was that my laptop at home should have been restarted first and so just opening a window sometimes took 10 seconds, and so I spent very little time paying attention to the chat as I tried opening links to share. Another kink was that I had these links open and ready to go at work… so it really was too bad I had to rush home.

Feedback? Questions? Please share them with me!

Alice, Cheryl and Bob were great hosts and the hour together disappeared. We started the conversation talking about how easy it is to connect with our digital neighbors when we meet them face-to-face, and that is something I really learned at BLC08 this year.

Thanks to these three wonderful educators! They deserve some kudos for working on Seedlings and also for offering support to new educators at their Seedlings Ning site. I’d love the opportunity to chat with them again, on or off the air.


Links from the show: