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Last Friday three students at the Inquiry Hub Secondary School, in Coquitlam BC, organized a garden build. It started with Grade 9 student, Shauna, applying for and getting a World Wildlife Fund grant. This led to some inquiry questions around the best soil, water and temperature conditions for growing lettuce. And Friday’s garden build was the latest progress in developing an urban/inquiry garden for our school.


Everything about this garden has been coordinated by the @GreenInquiry team, from: getting permission from the school district; to coordinating students, parents, community members, and teachers to help; to purchasing plants, seeds, supplies, equipment & materials; to planning for summer maintenance; to future community outreach, and education programs for a local elementary school. By implementing a series of IDS – Independent Directed Studies courses, we will be building a high school program that allows these students to design a fair bit of their inquiry work time at the Inquiry Hub, while earning credits for high school graduation.

I’m speculating now, that by the time these Grade 9 students graduate, their Green Inquiry website will be a learning portfolio that will have any university they want to go to very interested in these students!

Here is a wonderful time lapse taken from our learning commons window. There are some images shared afterwards to show some of the things missed by this point of view.

Here is a Storify of the day… Comments and images shared online:


Congratulations to the Green Inquiry team, and to the Inquiry Hub
community on their incredibly successful garden build!

Update: See their blog post, Successful Garden Building Day!

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  1. Great project, folks! Loved watching this come together over the course of the semester over Twitter, and seeing the collected works here. The great thing about the garden is that you’re only getting started. I used Storify to similarly capture things in my parents’ backyard last summer (complete with the T-shirts!):


    Pass along my congratulations to the @greeninquiry team! Hopefully I’ll be able to drop by iHub Farms one of these days.

  2. Thanks for sharing this project. It’s inspiring. It makes me wan to get a project going at my daughters’ school in SF. It is also a great example of how social media can be used by educators to share our work. Kuddos!

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