This video is 100% student made.

It was created to promote our open house on November 22nd.

It’s just over a minute long, and yet it says so much… about our school, about empowering students, and about some pretty awesome students themselves.

This year at Inquiry Hub, we really want to showcase our students, and highlight the amazing things they do. Like Andrew raising $50,000 and continuing to find ways to give, Kassandra and Celina creating webcomic with a focus on representing diversity, and Laef creating a voting app  that got alot ofgreat – publicity all on it’s own!

It is amazing to be able to work with students that feel empowered, and who are continually showing us just how far they are willing to go!

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4 comments on “How far would you go?

  1. It’s been a while since I visited your site, David. I followed here via seeing it on medium.

    This. Work. Is. Beyond. Amazing. The creativity, the passion, the social awareness of these students is inspiring.

    I’m hoping for a Spring 2018 university course I teach in using media for activism (last year we can maybe arrange a virtual visit with your students.

    I quote Neo… “Woah”

    1. Greetings Alan,

      Yes, it has been too long. Yes, this is awesome (and no I’m not bragging, the student’s deserve the accolades).

      How many organizations would pay 10-20K to get a video like that done for their organization, (& it probably wouldn’t be as good). How many kids try to raise $100 and end up winning youth philanthropy awards and raising 50K? How many 16 year olds try to influence the public to vote, and give them non-partisan information to help them make the vote an informed one. Oh, and as it turned out, his site was also used as a teaching tool by teachers & students across the province.

      Meanwhile, I don’t think my students are any more special than kids in every school… we just provide them the time and environment to let them be amazing.

      Absolutely on connecting our students. Spring gives us some time to plan.

        1. Well, you have a bus stop in Coquitlam, BC, Canada!

          I might get you in on a virtual presentation (iHubTalks) on the daily create & ds106 (but I have to clear it with the student organizers… it’s actually not my decision:)

          Oh, and if you go to one of those links for the talks, that Edublogs (WordPress) theme is written by our webmaster… a grade 11 student.

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