"Flipped Classroom Webinar"

[Thursday June 16th Update! ARCHIVE: Did you miss the webinar? Watch it here! (65 minutes) Be sure to read the comments too! Want to continue the discussion? Look over the resources on the webinar wiki page and then click on the Discussion tab at the top!]

Scott McLeod has invited me to participate in a webinar on the ‘flipped classroom’. My time zone is working against me as it will be 3am here in Dalian. With a few year-end commitments going on next week, coupled with an apartment too small to escape waking my family up, I may not actually get a chance to participate.

That said, check out the links Scott shares to the articles the participants have written on ‘flipping’. You can comment on their blogs and contribute to the conversation, and please join in on the webinar if you get a chance. (What time is it for you?)

Here is Scott McLeod’s post he has invited us to share:

The ‘flipped classroom’ [WEBINAR]

To whet your appetites for the rich conversations that will occur at Edubloggercon and the ISTE conference this year, I’m pleased to announce this upcoming webinar on the ‘flipped classroom.’

WHAT: Webinar – The ‘flipped classroom’

Despite its now-famous Dan-Pink-sponsored affiliation with our esteemed colleague, Karl Fisch, is the ‘flipped classroom’ a true innovation or just a new label on the old stale wine of lectures? Is it something we should be encouraging or discouraging? If it has benefits, are they worth the accompanying drawbacks? Please join us for a lively, 1-hour online discussion about the ‘flipped classroom.’

WHEN: June 15, 2:00pm to 3:00pm Central Standard Time (Chicago). Yes, we’ll record it and put the link here for those who can’t attend.

WHERE: https://connect.extension.iastate.edu/flippedclassroom [enter as a guest]

WHO: An all-star lineup of educators who have been writing and thinking about this topic lately!

Not familiar with the ‘flipped classroom’ concept? Read the Dan Pink link above and/or click on the names of the participants above. Anyone is welcome to contribute questions for discussion beforehand. It should be a lively discussion. Hope to see you there!


Thanks Scott, hope I’m there live… if not, I appreciate the links/reading you’ve shared above and I will definitely follow up with the recording.

4 comments on “The ‘flipped classroom’ WEBINAR

  1. Such a pity you can’t attend!
    I remember that this topic was my first introduction to your blog and then I remember it lead to your interesting post on homework.
    What I can’t remember for the life of me is what you said to do if I give initial presentation for homework and half the class doesn’t do the homework!

  2. Hi Naomi,
    I might still attend! But 3am is a bit early to be head to work for, although sleep is overrated;-)

    Here is my homework post. I really appreciated the contributions to the conversation that you made. I’m pretty sure I asked more questions rather than giving answers, and that would again be my inclination again here since half the class not getting something done can often be a result of a poor work ethic in the class, or work that is too challenging, or even a misunderstanding. Each of these ‘reasons’ changes the response rather significantly.

    A really interesting question I have for those that do flipped classrooms regularly is how do they meaningfully:
    a) hold students accountable, and
    b) support students in class,
    …when the ‘homework’ is not done and students arrive at school unprepared to work on the more practical aspects of the lesson, (having missed the lesson at home)?

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