It is indeed an honour to have been nominated for the Edublog Awards in the ‘Best Individual Blog‘ category.

Special thanks goes out to Liz B. Davis for nominating me. There is a reason why Liz showed up ‘in my neighbourhood’ more than anyone alse when I created my Brave New World Wide Web video. She is a true educator who helps to make my digital network incredible!

If you are a regular reader of this blog… thank you! If you are new here, please check out some of my more popular posts linked to in the right-hand sidebar. I appreciate your comments and contributions to my learning.

What I have enjoyed about the Edublog Awards in the past has been the opportunity to be exposed to many amazing bloggers doing wonderful things. I just made a short visit to the 34 other blogs nominated in this category and I’m looking forward to exploring them further!

There are a few familiar faces on this list, like Sue Waters (x2), Kim Cofino, John Connell, Steve Dembo, and the very missed student voice of Arthus. There are also a few more blogs on this list that I’ve visited before, and then a full two-dozen that are new to me… and that is just in the Best Individual Blog category!

There is so much to explore within the 2008 Edublog Awards. Take a little time and check out some of the great resources that have been shared. This isn’t really a competation as much as it is a learning opportunity!

Here are the categories:

1. Best individual blog

2. Best group blog

3. Best new blog

4. Best resource sharing blog

5. Most influential blog post

6. Best teacher blog

7. Best librarian / library blog

8. Best educational tech support blog

9. Best elearning / corporate education blog

10. Best educational use of audio

11. Best educational use of video / visual

12. Best educational wiki

13. Best educational use of a social networking service

14. Best educational use of a virtual world

15. Best class blog

16. Lifetime achievement

Thank you for joining me on my shared, reflective, learning journey!

8 comments on “Edublog Awards Nomination

  1. Congratulations on your nomination.

    Imagine a long time ago. Sitting in your paper room in East Residence sharing a cold one. Discussing the world and our dreams.

    Although I have just reconnected with you I am very proud at how you have stayed close to those dreams. You have touched the lives of many and your influence will always be felt.


  2. Congratulations David, no surprise really you have something a lot of blogs do not have, you are actually interesting! I have resisted personal blogging because if I ever did write one I would want it to be like yours however, I am pretty sure it would end up as banal and uninteresting as some of the nominations on Edublogs.
    I have read too many forgetabble blogs of late, however yours is not one of them.

    I love you daughters youtube debut but hmmmm rather predictable David …would I put my children on what is considered a very questionable media, which is blocked in all British schools….mmmmmmm I guess I am predictable too.

  3. Great to see you blogging again Arthus, and thanks for your comments everyone.

    Brian, it is great working with you… You may not have the formal paperwork to say so, but you truly are an educator (with vision).

    Dave, what a pleasure it is to reconnect with you my friend… we really do have to pick up the phone and have a chat soon.

    Cindy, I’ve enjoyed having you in my PLN and it has been wonderful watching you grow your digital footprint.

    Silvana, you have never been ‘banal and uninteresting’ on my blog! I have enjoyed our discussions, dare I say banter… You have challenged my thinking and I believe that as a blogger you would contribute greatly. Predictable or not our digital discussions are thought provoking and I thank you for contributing to my learning!

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