Caring across the curriculum

Caring across the curriculum Sometimes I get tired of seeing the school day broken into subject-matter based courses. We don’t teach subjects we teach students, and students of all ages engage in a real life that matters across individual fields of study. Watch the video* Miniature Earth: How many different ‘subjects’ can we teach with […]

Interviewed on Seedlings

On Thursday October 30th, I had the honour of being interviewed by Alice Barr, Cheryl Oakes and Bob Sprankle on Seedlings hosted by EdTechTalk. Here is my interview on Seedlings. And here is the chat transcript. I couldn’t get onto EdtechTalk at school and rushed home minutes before we started, so that added a few […]


This blog has a subtitle: Reflections on Education, Technology and Learning My other less-frequently used blog, ‘Practic-All’, is subtitled, Pragmatic tools and ideas for the classroom. Recently I started using this other blog to provide a digital addition to my Principal’s weekly e-mail update. I did 9 of these to end the year off. I […]

What comes around

The task was simple: Have your advisory pick an issue in the school and then create a video that promotes awareness of the problem and/or a solution to the problem. This is what Mr. Williams’ advisory came up with last year. I like the use of camera direction to help tell the story. This to […]

“Release the Hounds” by Chris Harbeck

You can go to the K12Online page or to Chris’ wiki page. To put it simply… there is something here for everyone! Description This presentation takes participants along my journey into integrating 2.0 applications and “21st Century Learning” into my pedagogy. The presentation will show how teacher driven assignments and projects teach students some of […]

The Capacity to Lead

Students of all ages have the capacity to lead. For a few years now I have taken a group of Grade 7 and 8 students to our feeder schools to teach the incoming Grade 5’s the “Seven Secrets of Leadership”, but really it is about so much more than that! This is from the e-mail […]

$3,881.65 for one night’s work

…more on Empathy. Friday night I camped out at the school with 49 students, each raising a minimum of $50- to earn the opportunity to sleep over at the school. We hosted a 24 hour famine to raise money for our Me to We Club… we are fundraising to build a school in Sierra Leone. […]