"Care or Fear"

Care or Fear

There are no possible reasons to comprehend why an ‘Idiot with a gun in Newtown’* would go into a school and take lives. None. In a comment on Angela Maiers post, There Is No Lesson Plan For Tragedy – Teachers YOU Know What To Do, I said, I’ve seen a number of blog posts where […]

An Authentic Audience Matters

  Bringing Science Alive! Total visitors since 15 Mar 2007: 100,190. In the last 4 years, a little Science Wiki that I created with a couple Grade 8 classes has been viewed over 100,000 times. Wow! Here is what I tried to do with the wiki: Let’s bring Science Alive! What do you want to […]

Confession from a bully

In Junior High, (Grade 7 to 9), I was a shrimp. At the end of Grade 9, I stood at 4’11” or just under 150cm tall. There were, in a graduating class of over 250, just one boy and one girl in our grade that were shorter than me. They were both quite popular. I […]

Parenting in the digital age

Three weeks ago I did a couple presentations to parents about Parenting In the Digital Age: This FREE workshop is for parents, both the tech savvy and the less technically inclined, who would like to develop family expectations around the use of technology to play, learn and connect. For this presentation I created a wiki: […]

Facebook Revisited

A 2nd year teacher that I keep in touch with sent me an email yesterday: “Hey Dave! How do you feel about adding students as friends on Facebook?  I use my Facebook mainly as a communication tool. I don’t put anything up that I wouldn’t want people to see.  In the evening, my students have […]

Bubble Wrap

After a month in China, I’ve come to realize that North Americans live in a bubble wrapped world. In the ‘Western’ world we walk around oblivious to our surroundings, going about our business feeling safe and secure. I don’t mean safe in the sense of being cautious of others, since in actual fact, I have […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

On Monday night Sexual Health Educator Alix Bacon from SaleemaNoon.com/ did a parent presentation at our school. Today and tomorrow she is presenting to our students in groups of 2-3 classes at a time. This is what I got out of the parent session… —– When talking about sex, two ideas really struck a chord […]

Facing Facebook

Some people say ‘kids will be kids’… Some adults have never forgotten what it felt like to be a victim. What happens when adults are not present? Sometimes kids do things they shouldn’t do. Sometimes kids make choices based on what their friends do rather than on what they know is the right thing to […]