It is finally done! I had planned on first showing my video version of A Brave New World-Wide-Web Slideshow in Boston at BLC08. I did it on Mac Powerpoint and it did not convert easily to video… it wouldn’t even convert to PC Powerpoint without the timing messing up! I spent hours on this! I ended up showing the powerpoint version and had a number of people ask me for the video version. Well, this weekend I converted it to pc Powerpoint, then with some $45 software, it is FINALLY done! This is a personally ‘story’ that I tell, but I think it can speak to others and I hope it speaks to you! Be brave! Do not go quietly into your classroom!

[Scroll down for a better version]

A Brave New World-Wide-Web

I plan to offer a downloadable version that is of a better quality here, but I’m off to spend some family time on the beach while the weather is still good. It is coming soon!

Update: High quality version below (& here) and available for download here.

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  1. It seems like every few months there is a new video or slide show, saying the same thing to the same people.

    I wanted to thank you for making such a great, fresh clip. I think the fact that it moves as a video with music, makes it much more effective than a slide show or powerpoint.

    I am sure this will get a lot of play. Nicely done.

  2. Dave T,
    Great video…I loved the competition piece!

    I going to share with our staff.

    Dave Matheson,
    Gleneagle Secondary

  3. Well done David! I’m glad you converted it to a video.

    Probably haven’t mentioned it before much but before I was a blogger I was a podcaster — and learning the tricks is VERY frustrating — so feel for you. With PowerPoint – if you click on Save as then change file type to JPEG you can save all slides as an image which you can import into iMovie or Garageband.

  4. Dave,
    As someone who attended your session at BLC 08 and asked if you would make it available, I’m thrilled to see the fruit of your efforts.
    It’s a powerful video – thank you for creating it and sharing it.
    Have you been able to show it in your district? What has the reaction been?

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    I used Garageband to put together the music.
    Every attempt I made to make an iMovie left me with a horribly poor quality version, including JPEG and PNG files. It was frustrating! The only solution was to redo the pages within iMovie and I couldn’t get myself to do that after all the hours I had already spent on the project.

    I haven’t shared it with too many in my district, but Dave Matheson who commented above is in my district. I’m showing it to teachers in a TLITE (2 year technology credit program) next week, and at a technology conference in a month. So I can respond to your question soon.

    Also, it seems the Internet Archive Play/Download option is actually the slow-to-load, high quality version. Not sure how to get to the download yet… I’m still a student to all this stuff too:-)

  6. Dave, thank you very much for a great resource. I’m working on updating my district’s technology plan and, as part of the process, will be meeting with and presenting to a number of stakeholders. Your personal journey will be a great piece to help make visible the difference between 20th and 21st century teaching and learning.

    I’m also glad that you’ve added student voices, who clearly appreciate and benefit from the opportunities to connect, collaborate, and share.

    I agree that 21st century learning is “messy.” I’d like to add another word gleaned from the Nat’l Council for Teachers of English (NCTE) Definition of 21st Century Literacy – malleable.

    Thanks again for sharing your work!

  7. David,

    Well done. This brings us much closer to some sort of tipping point with 21st Century teaching and learning. What I think is most powerful about this is how you showed your personal transformation. That opening graphic is priceless.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  8. Thanks for the wonderful feedback everyone!

    Your post really made me think a lot about this video and who it speaks to (as my comment suggests)… I really appreciate that you make me think deeply about things!

    Although I like ‘malleable’ in some ways, it bothers me in others as it seems un-empowering… I know that’s not the context of the word, but that’s the meaning I think of.

    It was great to, briefly, meet you in Boston! I hope to see you there for BLC09.
    Just to be clear, those images are from Alec Couros’ dissertation:
    …and yes they are priceless!

  9. Dave – It was great talking to you a few weeks back. Thanks again for calling. I may be up your way in the next month or so.

    This video’s great. Someone else mentioned that after watching this video people would say “I don’t want to be that connected”. As I was thinking this over and thinking to myself “yeah, that’s where I’m at. I don’t even plurk” I realized that I spent 45 minutes trying to get a Linux OS working on my cell phone. Although my pendulum has swung, maybe it’s not as far as I originally thought.

  10. Hi Glenn,
    That quote was from a Scott McLeod’s post.
    This was my comment:
    – – – – –
    When I first made the movie it was actually a slide show addressed to a class of student teachers. I added a few slides and made it into the movie for a BLC08 presentation. In that presentation I spent almost an hour breaking down the rants, and the “I cant’s”. I then gave a glimpse of the future I see in education and explained the importance of having students (and teachers) experience a network… and THEN I showed the video.

    I’m not sure of the reaction this will get from newbies as a stand-alone video? I can see the fear of ‘too much’ sneaking in, and I can see the ‘competition’ having negative connotations. Can it also excite people, I would like to think so!

    However, I have to wonder: Does this video just ‘preach to the converted’?

    In the end, the video is a story of a personal journey, and one where I started to see truly meaningful differentiated, and empowered learning in my class… that excited me as both a teacher and a learner.
    – – – – –
    As for not Plurking, I tried it briefly, but it requires too much time. And as for this video… it took hours and hours to convert from ppt to video, something others would have found simple! Maybe I’m not as far as I originally thought;-)
    So you see, it isn’t a pendulum, it is a continuum and WE are moving in the right direction, at the right speed for us… no comparison needed.

  11. Hi Dave. I just landed on this link from a diigo web favorite shared by Michael Wesch. The bookmark was to a blog post by Alex Courous that highlighting the best videos for 21st century learning. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for your awesome work and vision.


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